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Sunday School


Sunday School Classes

There are classes/supervision for Newborn up to 12yrs old

We have a YOUTH GROUP 13yrs old and up.

We have a great group of committed teachers and we invite any new teachers/helpers too!


Come join our Sunday School. We meet every Sunday during the church service.

All children’s’ Birthdays are acknowledged each Sunday by singing them Happy Birthday as well as a small gift from our "gift basket" is given.

We take collection from the children every Sunday downstairs.

We sing various songs which we practice on a regular basis.

We end with a prayer then we’re off to classes.

When we have Special Events such as the Christmas concert, there may be no classes in order for the children to practice for their performances.

The children get involved from time to time in being "Greeters" for church, participate in fundraisers and many other events also, such as Easter and Family Day presentations, Camping Sundays and group crafts to celebrate important calendar events!

The Sunday School is a place where each child can know that God loves them and they can learn about God and live in the way God has intended for us.

My name is Pauline Patterson. I am the Sunday School Co-ordinator. I started this volunteer position in 2006. I am very enthusiastic in creating an environment that children, and teachers, want to be part of!

If you would like to speak with me I can be reached at sundayschool@zion-memorial.ca


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